Annual output of 10000 tons of hydrogen

Release time: 2021-06-16

Hydrogen production equipment is suitable for food, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, photoelectric, metallurgical and other work occasions.



Product features:

1. Low energy consumption: the unique adsorption tower, gas distribution system and carbon molecular sieve loading process are adopted, and different processes and models of high-quality carbon molecular sieve are selected according to different requirements of nitrogen generator, so as to reduce the volume of adsorption tower and air consumption, thus reducing energy consumption;

2. Intellectualization: it adopts humanized human-machine interface and intelligent control;

3. Personalization: customized for special customers, without nitrogen purification device, it can also directly produce high purity nitrogen with purity of 99.999%;

4. Modularization: modular structure, clear and smooth equipment structure, compact and beautiful, with great flexibility, convenient for future system expansion, reduce investment costs;

5. Long life: air flow control technology and molecular sieve loading technology are adopted to greatly reduce the impact of air flow on molecular sieve, reduce the wear of molecular sieve and prolong the service life.

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