20000 tons of hydrogen per year

Release time: 2021-08-20

Ammonia decomposition hydrogen production furnace is a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen containing 75% H2 and 25% N2 by heating and decomposition with industrial ammonia as raw material under the action of catalyst. The residual ammonia content of the mixture after purification is less than 2ppm, the dew point can reach to -70 ℃, and the oxygen content is less than 3ppm. The gas production of ammonia decomposition hydrogen production furnace is 5-500nm3 / h.

Liquid ammonia becomes a gas ammonia with stable pressure after passing through ammonia vaporizer. Ammonia can be directly decomposed into ammonia decomposition furnace after passing through pressure reducing valve. After decomposition, hydrogen nitrogen mixture can be directly obtained. The mixed atmosphere is cooled by heat exchanger and water, and can be purified after flow control.

The ammonia decomposition hydrogen production furnace is composed of heating elements, temperature control and decomposition furnace liner; The heating element is made of low watt density nickel chromium alloy as heating element, which ensures long service life. The refractory fiber formed by vacuum suction filtration is used for heat preservation to ensure the insulation quality. The U-type decomposition furnace liner is made of corrosion-resistant high nickel alloy, and nickel catalyst is installed inside.

The purification device mainly consists of deaerator (selected by customers with special requirements for oxygen content in atmosphere), cooler, molecular sieve adsorption dryer, valve group, electrical control, etc.

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