30000 tons of nitrogen per year

Release time: 2021-08-20

Nitrogen generator and nitrogen equipment are used for lithium batteries. In the production of batteries, the power batteries need to be baked before filling the battery liquid due to their large volume. At this time, nitrogen is used to remove the vacuum in the oven, that is, when the baking time is up, nitrogen is filled. This can not only prevent high temperature oxidation, but also increase the speed of cooling.

Nitrogen can be used as gas protection. Nitrogen for lithium batteries must be dried. Adding nitrogen can also remove oxygen from the solution, so as to prevent oxygen from participating in electrode reaction, corroding inert gas of electrode, keeping the stability of electrolyte without reaction and mixing oxygen and water vapor.

Features of lithium battery nitrogen generator:

1. It is convenient to produce nitrogen

2. Easy to use:

3. It is more economical than other nitrogen supply methods;

4. Mechatronics design to realize automatic operation.

Technical specifications of nitrogen generator for lithium battery:

1. Air compressor pressure: 0.6 ~ 1.3mpa (adjustable)  

2. Nitrogen flow: 3 ~ 3000nm3 / h

3. Nitrogen purity: 95% ~ 99.9995%  

4. Nitrogen outlet pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.85mpa (adjustable according to customer's needs)

5. Raw material: clean compressed air

6. Power of the whole system: 4.4kw ~ 280KW    

7. Equipment weight: 300kg ~ 15000kg

8. Equipment size: 1.6x1.8x2.0 (m) ~ 6.3x3.2x3.6 (m) (the whole system is integrated on channel steel frame)

9. Pressure dew point: 2 ℃~ - 10 ℃ or ≤ - 40 ℃~ - 70 ℃

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