Overview of internal mixer

Release time: 2021-06-16

Internal mixer is a kind of high strength intermittent mixing configuration which grows up on the basis of open mixer. Since the appearance of Banbury internal mixer in 1916, the power of internal mixer has been gradually understood by people. In the process of rubber mixing, it shows a series of better characteristics than the open mixer, such as: large mixing capacity, short time, high production efficiency; Better subdue the dust flying, eliminate the loss of common agent, improve the amount of wind and the environment; The operation is quiet and convenient, reducing labor intensity; It is beneficial to realize mechanical and automatic operation. Therefore, the appearance of internal mixer is a tense result of rubber rigidity, and it is still a typical tense configuration of plastic mixing and mixing. The continuous growth and improvement of kneader tension is composed of kneading department, frame department, hydraulic system, transmission system, vacuum system and electric control system. Kneading department is composed of cylinder body, slurry shaft, wallboard, cylinder head, etc. The hydraulic system consists of a hydraulic station, which uses two small oil cylinders and two large oil cylinders to open and close the large cover and flip the mixing cylinder.

The electric control system includes manual control system and automatic control system, which are freely selected and required by users, and the operation is convenient and reliable. The transmission system is composed of motor, reducer and gear. The motor is matched according to the kneader model. In the process of transmission, the motor speed can be synchronized, after the elastic coupling to the reducer, the output device can drive the fast slurry to the designated speed, or the frequency converter can adjust the speed.

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