The significance of plastic granulator? What is the significance of waste plastics recycling?

Release time: 2021-06-16

The significance of recycling waste plastics is not only simple to turn waste into treasure, but also more profound and positive.

1. The impact of waste plastics on the environment. Because of the low price of plastics, they are widely used in the packaging of products. Most of the disposable plastics abandoned after use cause the well-known white pollution. For example, the use of agricultural plastic film has brought great development to agriculture, but after the use of debris littered, resulting in film debris on the soil travel barrier layer, resulting in the deterioration of cultivated land quality, hindering the development of plant roots and the absorption of water and nutrients, making the soil toxic. After the long-term erosion of plastic waste by rain, the toxic additives in plastic will enter into groundwater, rivers and lakes, causing pollution and endangering human health! Therefore, the country is also actively promoting waste plastic recycling technology, and waste plastic recycling granulator is one of the options. Through recycling, cleaning, crushing, dehydration and drying of waste plastics.

2. The relationship between waste plastics recycling and energy. Modern plastics are basically products of oil, but China's oil reserves only account for about 2% of the world. Since 1993, China has changed from an oil exporter to a net oil importer. In 2002, China replaced Japan as the world's second largest oil consumer. So far, China's dependence on oil imports has reached 40%. Therefore, energy shortage has become a major factor to prevent social development, and the recycling of waste plastics will alleviate the increasingly serious shortage of resources to a certain extent. So far, the output of plastic products in China has ranked the second in the world, and the annual growth rate is more than 10%, so the amount of waste plastics produced is amazing. However, the recycling status of waste plastics in China is not optimistic. Most of the waste plastics are landfilled.

To sum up, the significance of waste plastic recycling granulator has a common goal with the significance of waste plastic recycling, and plastic granulator is a way to achieve waste plastic recycling. Plastic granulator is divided into single screw granulator and twin-screw granulator. Single screw granulator can recycle plastic film, woven bag, waste man-made fiber, greenhouse film, etc., twin-screw granulator can recycle PET bottle (plastic beverage bottle), etc.

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