75 ton fuel fired boiler

Release time: 2021-06-16

Evaporation capacity of fuel fired boiler: 1-75t/h, heat efficiency: ≥ 92%.


1. Reasonable design

Full wet back structure of oil fired boiler, 100% water in fire design, 100% wave shape furnace, with good expansibility, sufficient heating area and reasonable structural arrangement.


2. High efficiency and energy saving

Corrugated furnace, threaded smoke tube, large space combustion chamber and reasonable structural arrangement can achieve low energy consumption and high efficiency heat exchange effect. The thermal efficiency of boiler can reach more than 92%, and the efficiency can reach more than 100% if equipped with condenser.


3. Manufacturing specification

Every part of the boiler is manufactured in accordance with the national standard and international standard (ISO), and every production link is carried out in strict accordance with the advanced production process to ensure the reliable product quality.


4. Large steam space

The boiler has enough steam space to deal with load fluctuations and peak changes and provide high-quality dry steam, because dry steam helps to eliminate unnecessary additional condensation, thus saving fuel consumption, reducing system fouling and prolonging service life.


5. Long life and durability

Excellent professional design, advanced production technology and strict quality control are the guarantee for the quality of each boiler. The service life of the boiler in normal use is more than 20 years.


6. Easy maintenance

Movable smoke box door is set at the front and rear, explosion-proof door is set at the rear, which can also be used as inspection hole to enter the furnace for inspection and cleaning. The manhole and handhole are set on the body, and the future maintenance is fully considered in the structural design.


7. Environmental protection

The front end of the combustion chamber is straight, and the back part is equipped with a conical furnace, plus a corrugated furnace, high-quality and reliable imported burners, with good flame fullness, so that the fuel can be fully burned and the formation of NOx in the flue gas can be greatly inhibited. The test by relevant departments shows that the company's oil (gas) boiler meets the most stringent national environmental protection requirements and can meet the increasing domestic environmental protection requirements.


8. Reliable accessories

The world famous burner, PLC control cabinet, valve and water pump are all international and domestic high-quality brands. The reliable boiler supporting equipment can ensure the safe and reliable operation of the boiler and improve the overall quality of the boiler.


9. Quality service

Technical consultation, technical service, installation guidance, regular and irregular return visit service for users, providing high-quality and perfect service at any time, so that users can buy at ease and use comfortably.


10. Advanced control system

Full automatic control, users only need to press the start button, the boiler can start according to the set program. Load regulation, automatic water supply, etc. are fully automatic operation to meet the user's requirements.

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