500 t / h steam coal fired boiler

Release time: 2021-06-16

Coal fired steam boiler refers to the coal burned by fuel. After coal heat is converted, steam is produced. However, not all the heat is effectively converted, and some of it is not consumed. Therefore, there is a problem of efficiency. Generally, the efficiency of large boilers is higher, ranging from 60% to 80%.



Product features:

1. The furnace body is equipped with pressure gauge, safety valve, water level gauge and other instrument valves. The pressure gauge shows the pressure of the boiler, and the user knows well; When the boiler reaches a certain pressure, the safety valve will open automatically to release air and reduce pressure to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the boiler.

2. Vertical coal-fired steam boiler is mainly composed of the head of the shell, the furnace liner, the top of the furnace liner, the lower sealing ring, the cupola pipe and the horizontal pipe. The combustion chamber is arranged in the furnace liner, the fuel is burned on the fixed grate, and the natural ventilation is natural. The flue gas is washed horizontally in the furnace liner and discharged into the atmosphere through the cupola and smoke diagram.

3. The horizontal coal-fired steam boiler adopts the three-way water fire pipe structure arranged longitudinally in a single drum, and the two sides of the furnace are covered with smooth pipe water wall pipes, and the design structure is reasonable and compact; The utility model has the advantages of large heating area, long flue gas flow, good heat transfer effect and low exhaust gas temperature, so the utility model has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, low operation cost and more economical use.

4. Vertical coal-fired steam boiler, the heating area of the pipe is straight, and there are enough cleaning hand hole device, convenient for manual and mechanical cleaning dirt and internal inspection. The upper part of horizontal coal-fired steam boiler is equipped with a large enough manhole, through which personnel can enter into the furnace body, greatly facilitating the inspection and maintenance of the boiler.

5. The coal-fired steam boiler is equipped with safety accessories such as instrument valve, complete set of equipment is safe and durable, and water treatment is added, so the boiler liner has less scale and the boiler is safe and energy-saving.

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